Lake Glamp Mikołajki

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Welcome to Lake Glamp Mikołajki

This is the place where you can feel everything that nature has to offer. Listen to the sound of the water, feel the rays of the rising and setting sun. Lake Glamp has been established in the heart of Mikołajki, being the first resort on the route of the Masurian lakes with access to a private beach. All of the tents have west-facing windows with a panoramic view of the vast Lake Tałty.


Our tents are fully enclosed, ventilated, heated and air-conditioned so you can visit us at any time of the year. They have a private lockable bathroom with shower and a kitchenette in the living area fitted with a fridge, a microwave, a kettle and a coffee machine. In addition to the kitchenette, the tent also offers a double bed, comfortable armchairs with a table, a wifi connected smart TV and a clothes rack. The premium tents boast the added bonus of a comfortable bathtub overlooking the lake.

Standard tents

Comfortable Standard tents with a view of Lake Tałty.

Premium tents

Comfortable Premium tents with a view of Lake Tałty.

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On request, the Pokrzywa restaurant will provide breakfast at 9:00 am, served in a basket. In the basket you will find 4 sets to choose from and freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juices.

Glamping with a lake view

Relaxing views of the lake can be enjoyed from each of our tents.

Close to the Masurian nature

  • Sandy beach at your fingertips
  • Contact with the nature all day long
  • Walking distance to the centre of Mikołajki
  • Dining on the terrace overlooking the lake
  • Each tent is decorated in a different style

Visitor feedback

What did our guests think of their stay at Lake Glamp?

We highly recommend a stay at Lake Glamp Mikołajki! Hardly anywhere can you relax so close to the lakeside, enjoy a safe private beach or curl up with a book in an armchair with a wonderful view of the water. Adding extra flavour to the adventure is the fact that you are in fact living in a tent, the standard of which is like a room in a 4/5 star hotel! Plus the sight of boats sailing along the Great Mazurian Lakes at sunset! We will certainly be back!
Ania and Marek
We didn't know what to fully expect from staying in a 'tent' by the lake. We usually associate it with mosquitoes and lack of comfort...but not so at Lake Glamp. These tents are tents almost only by name! Inside, it's a much more like a good hotel: air conditioning, tv with netflix, hot tub and a beautiful view of the lake! The location is incredible. On the one hand, you're staying on a large, private plot of land right on the lake on the other hand, all the attractions of Mikołajki are within a maximum 15-minute walk!
Kasia and Łukasz
Lake Glamp was a pleasant surprise for us in winter. We took a chance and enjoyed a weekend stay on a frozen lake with a group of friends. The view of the sun reflecting in the frozen surface of the lake is priceless. We are winter swimmers, so our hosts prepared an icebreak on the beach at our request and we could do some great sessions. The descent to the water is shallow and gentle, and there was a bonfire 20 m away where we could warm up quickly and have a nice meal in the evening. We can't wait to return to this wonderful place in the summer!
Paweł's team

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Spend your holiday at the lake without compromising on comfort.


Enjoy the holiday vibe! about going to the Masuria and enjoying the sunsets?

Everyone needs a rest, and we believe that you get the best rest by the water.